Independence day

Individually we are a drop, together we are an ocean


Ashwathi! Jaldi aaaa!”  Warden looked at me as I shouted from the ground floor.

So it was almost 9am in the morning and I wanted to go to college for flag hoisting ceremony. My friends were getting ready hurriedly as I waited for them.  We reached college on time and the ceremony began. At first, there was a parade followed by flag hoisting. Then our God of honour gave a speech. There was a beautiful performance by two of our seniors who sang a Malayalam patriotic song.  I thought, during independence day we get chocolates only in school, but we did get chocolates here 🙂

We had to assemble in front of the college at 2:30 pm as Ayudh had planned of Amala Bharatam campaign. There were many volunteers who wanted to be a part of the campaign.

Ayudh team

We(Foss club members) split into two teams as we were supposed to be approximately 15 in a group.

Shreya and Vishnu

Our team was lead by Adarsh and Surya. We were given different tools, gloves, orange jackets and a blue cap.
We marshalled up and set out to the spot our team was assigned to. We reached there and we all took different types of equipment. I chose a rake. We worked as a team to clean up the marketplace. Some held the waste bags, we had two of those – one for biodegradable and the other for non-biodegradable.IMG_20180815_151330 I don’t exactly remember how many bags got used up, approximately 4-5 huge bags were full. And after all the hard work, we were given refreshments.


It was so much fun to work in a team. We all got to know more about each and we made new friends too.  We worked with exuberance. I would have regretted if I wouldn’t have gone for it. On the whole, it was joyous and all of us had a really nice evening together.




Hurry up!” , said Geethna to Dixit.
It was the morning of Vishu, and we(members of the Foss club and team bi0s) were gonna be taken for farming. I thought it was going to be a long journey since we were taken in a bus but it wasn’t. We were all very excited. We reached our destination in about 15 minutes. For some of us, it was the first time.

                                                                                              credits: Vipin sir 🙂

We split ourselves into groups. Uncle guided us and assigned tasks to each group. Some of us went to clean the weeds, some to water the plants, some to sow seeds and some for vermicomposting. My friends and I were assigned to water the plants. We first had to filter the water so that dust particles don’t clog the mouth of the watering can. So we had this bucket on top of which we held a cloth, one of us poured water into the bucket. Once the bucket was full, we poured it into the watering can.


Next, we went to the other side of the farm to water the tomato plants. We took turns to fill water in the can, and to water the plants.  After an hour of work, it was time for a break and sir called us all to have fruits.

On the other side of the farm, some of us cleaned weeds and there came a tractor to plough the land. We picked all the unwanted plastic covers and collected them in a huge sack. We used rakes to remove and to collect the weeds.


After a long time of hard work, it was time for us to bid goodbye. Before leaving I asked the amma there her name, she said- “Manoma”.

On the whole, it was a really nice experience. We had so much fun working together as a team, we helped each other and laughed at the lamest jokes. I had a really good time farming and seeing everybody work with enthusiasm. I wished we spent more time in the farm but since we had an exam the next day, we returned soon. We were all thankful to Vipin sir for taking us to the farm. It was a really nice idea and a memorable Vishu.


Foss@Amrita & Team bi0s





Celebrating Amritavarsham 64




This was my very first experience to be a part of the Amritavarsham.  We as first years were compulsorily told to be a part of the seva. At first even I thought that it would really be  a tiring job, but then my views changed on the 3rd day.

So it all started on the evening of 5th October. Our very first duty was to bring down the chairs from our classroom to the ground. The next day, we girls were instructed to reach the college canteen by 10 am to make laddoos for prasaadam. 




We (CSE and EEE students) made approximately 4000 laddoos.  There were many volunteers for making laddoos.  We had lunch after that.  That evening, the hostel mess was closed and we were supposed to go the bio-tech mess for dinner. After dinner, my friends and I decided to take a glimpse of the Amrita Setu.  The sight was surreal ! The bridge was decorated very beautifully. We spent almost an hour glancing at the illuminated streets.  The next day,  on 7th of October , we made ID cards for the students of our batch.


It rained heavily on the morning of 8th October. I remember waking up due to the sound of rain. We reported at the mechanical lab at 8:30 am. Our staff coordinator handed over the equipment to us. IMG-20171008-WA0070

We headed to the Pandhal as our duty was to maintain the cleanliness of the Pandhal. There was not much to clean on that day as there were less people. The stage was being set up by the workers. We cleaned the inside of the Pandhal.IMG-20171008-WA0054

After a long tiring day, we went back to the hostel and fell asleep and woke up next for dinner. After dinner, my friends and I decided to check out the stalls which were put up in the street.  I couldn’t resist taking photos of the beautifully lit streets.











And the last one which is my favorite…



The next day was tiring, nearly 2 lakh people came for Amma’s darshan. The darshan lasted for two long days.  We cleaned a lot that day.




By the end of our shift we were all covered up with dirt and sweat, so we went back to hostel, took shower and came back. My friends and I sat in the garden and played dumb charades. In the evening I met one of my closest friends and went for a walk. There is lot to narrate for that day.

On the whole, the three days were wonderful. For me it has been the most memorable event yet.

Jyothirgamaya camp

Hello readers, following are my views on the camp that was conducted in Amritapuri campus.

The camp was an eye opener for me. I was never aware of many things which was told to us during the camp. My perspective towards Indian culture has changed. My perspective towards God has changed.

I was once a person who once did not like the concept of God. I always wondered why  we pray to someone whom we have never seen. I had many such questions in mind. After entering into my teens, I started to wonder why the existence of humans matter. I raised this question during the camp . ” We humans are just a speck of dust in his universe, why does our existence matter? We live, we die, and in the end it doesn’t matter”. I had this thought from a very long time, and I have thought about it too.

In the camp, we were given answers to almost all the questions raised by us. I was really surprised by the way sir explained that the idea about God is not idol worship but to find the ultimate truth within ourselves . We worship idols so as to gain concentration which is essential. We go to temples to pray even after believeing that God is present everywhere ,in everyone. This is to create an environment for worship. Ancient Indian culture is so fascinating. There’s logical reason behind every belief.

I was fascinated by the idea of death. Death should not be feared, Death is not the end our lives. We must accept death. 

Another question that I raised during the camp was ” why children aren’t taught about moral values from childhood. We girls are told to dress properly but why aren’t the boys taught how to behave? Why don’t Indian parents teach thier boys about behaviours?”   There is a lot more about which I would like to  express, I will write n my next blog.I believe that a separate subject would be really nice for kids so that they will grow to be good humans.Literacy rate should go high in India, this would solve atleast 80% of the  problems .

The Indian culture should live till eternity . Every school and institution must have cultural education like Amrita University has. I would love to pass on everything I learn about Indian culture . I would love to explore more about it.

Mind is a pond and the thoughts are the pebbles thrown at it. Master the art of avoiding the stones and being the calm,still pond.

Namah Shivaya _/\_

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